Made primarily of wood, stairs in this category offer endless variations, many of which you can see in our photo material. You can choose from different materials, profiles, and finishes for the sides, treads, protective handrails, and more.

The numerous options in wood, paint finishes, and colors give us the flexibility to meet all your requirements.

The elevations can be straight, U-shaped, L-shaped, curved, circular, with or without a newel post.

A. Straight or cut-stringer sides at both ends of the treads, placed either below or outside the stair tread.

Straight or cut-stringer sides in the wood of your choice, with thickness ranging from 40mm to 70mm. The treads can be installed on cut-stringer sides or recessed between carved sides. The tread options can be either solid wood or veneered wood of your choice, with thickness ranging from 40mm to 90mm.

B. Central sides beneath the tread.

The so-called wooden central support, which can be made of solid or composite wood, provides a modern solution and creates a distinctive aesthetic result. The support of the tread on the central structure can be achieved in various ways, depending on the style you want to achieve.