In the field of flooring, interSCALA produces and distributes pre-polished solid wood and engineered wood floors for indoor use, as well as solid wood outdoor floors.

With strict quality and aesthetic criteria, it paves the way with innovative products, revolutionary ecological paints, high-durability oil paints, special techniques, and custom dimensions.

Since one of our main focuses is on designing, constructing, and installing premium custom-made stairs, a large portion of our floor orders involve combining the floor shades with the staircase shades. We have the ability to construct your staircase and wooden floor, whether solid or engineered, using the same techniques and finishes with varnish or oil.

For indoor spaces, the recommended primary wood is European Oak, which can be delivered as a solid floor or an engineered floor with a 4mm solid oak surface.

Depending on the style chosen by the customer for the appearance of their residence or commercial space, the wood is cut to present a straight grain, wide grain, or mixed pattern, with or without larger or smaller knots.

For outdoor spaces, we recommend Thermowood as the primary wood. Thermowood is the result of thermal treatment carried out in three phases involving high-temperature drying with heat and steam, followed by cooling and humidification (thermally modified wood).

The result is increased stability in changing humidity conditions and improved thermal insulation properties. The benefits include stability (absorbing and releasing moisture without warping, cracking, or dimensional changes), and long-term durability (enhanced resistance to biological degradation due to cellular structure breakdown).