Rolling shutters

Wooden Rolling shutters are found installed in many neoclassical buildings in Greece and abroad. They have a high aesthetic value and give a distinctive character to the building’s appearance. Additionally, they provide the ability to regulate light inside the space and are an ideal solution for balconies with limited space that cannot accommodate traditional blinds.

  • Dark Red Meranti Wood, Grade A.

Boxes made of solid wood or marine plywood.

Guides made of solid wood.

Powered by an electric motor.

Custom construction according to the needs of each project.

interSCALA aluminum shutters are available, including heavy-duty options for larger openings. They regulate the light entering our interior space, similar to wooden shutters, and can be operated manually or electrically. They provide an economical solution as a replacement for wooden shutters or blinds.

Boxes and guides made of aluminum, which can be delivered in wood imitation or painted in the RAL color of your choice.

Manual or electric motor operation.

Automation systems for wooden and aluminum shutters. We recommend the use of wireless Somfy automatic mechanisms that allow for easier control of the shutter (programming, remote control, and from a distance).

  • Automatic limit settings.
  •  Obstacle detection.