Technology, Quality, and Aesthetics are the three main pillars that support your choice.

The wooden shutters by interSCALA for windows and balcony doors are offered in a wide variety of designs (straight with cutouts or small openings in various shapes, slatted, fixed or movable leaf, louvered, Z or X type, etc.) and dimensions to match the external architecture of your building, following high standards of safety and durability.

Wood: Dark Red Meranti of A quality, Niangon of A quality, African Teak, Teak, Marine Plywood.

Frame: The dimensions depend on the chosen shutter model, the opening method (90 or 180 degrees), whether we want to install a mosquito net now or in the future, and finally the aesthetics we want to give to the external appearance of our building. Our standard frame is solidly glued with dimensions of 56mm-68mm x 82mm, which can be directly installed on the glass frame or at a certain distance to create a niche for mosquito net installation, in a way that is covered and not visible from the outside.

Leaf: Dimensions of 30-40mm x 70mm, depending on the chosen shutter model, or Marine Plywood of A quality, with a thickness of 30mm or 40mm for straight or slatted shutters.

Shutter Mechanisms: They are chosen based on the thickness of the wall (the reveal), the number of leaves, the opening method (90 or 180 degrees), as well as the architecture of the building.

Special Pieces: The local architecture of each region in our country often requires the construction of special pieces to complete the proposal, both technically and aesthetically. Regions such as Epirus, Western Macedonia, certain areas of the Peloponnese, as well as some islands such as the Dodecanese, Hydra, Spetses, and the Ionian Islands, require special attention in the construction and placement of shutters in order to maintain their traditional character. At interSCALA, we have the necessary expertise to accurately construct and place special pieces according to traditional guidelines.


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