We offer:

  1. Exhibition Space in Athens and Thessaloniki with a wide variety of exhibits and trained staff ready to assist you.

  2. Contact us directly and quickly, in a smart and efficient way. We can serve you wherever you are, in Greece and abroad, using all modern electronic means.

  3. A project consultant from the first contact, who will be responsible for taking care of your project in all phases. A service that offers the advantage to the client of having a single interlocutor until the final assembly of the product.

  4. On-site assistance in the project.

  5. Study and complete adaptation of products to demand.

  6. Precise final image design to the nearest millimeter.

  7. Preparation of agreements and detailed technical sheets with drawings of the selected product.

  8. Compliance with delivery terms and costs.

  9. Safe transportation and unloading.

  10. Installation at the project site with specialized teams.

  11. Delivery of the product with a delivery receipt protocol.

  12. Certification for the production process and services.

  13. Written 10-year warranty.

  14. Technical support after the sale.

  15. Knowledge of national and international safety regulations.