The know-how and technology that interSCALA has developed over the years of its successful course would not be worthless unless it was combined with a range of services to serve the customer before and after the sale.

The interSCALA vendors are also experienced technicians with extensive experience in compiling and presenting an offer, visiting, controlling the construction site, and discussing with the customer all the elements describing the way he imagines the construction .

The search for design solutions and suggestions is always done with the collaboration of the customer or its designer with the interSCALA salesman - a technician who works with advice from his experience to give the best possible result.

The vast variety of materials and the open architectural structure that distinguishes the company's products contribute to the optimal solution. Metal, wood and glass, create combinations that only imagination can delineate.

The study of construction is completed by a team of specialized technicians who study each order separately for its aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics.

The high quality of construction guarantees strict quality control at every stage of production, following strictly the ISO 9001: 2000 quality system regulations.

Finally, the placement crews are pleasantly surprised by their regularity, cleanliness and respect for the space they work in.

The aim of the aforementioned is the end product to be distinguished for its uniqueness and quality and, on the other hand, to highlight the personal preferences and choices of the owner.

The improvement of the services provided by interSCALA also involves the client himself, who is invited at the end of the works to score the overall image of the company, to be satisfied with the products and services and to give his own proposals, which are precious material for the development of the company.

Services, of course, do not stop in the placement and delivery of products. In addition to the warranty accompanying all products, any problem that arises, regardless of the causes of the creation and its nature, interSCALA people are always available and willing to intervene to help.