With its series of semi-ready products, interSCALA offers manufacturers and craftsmen technologically advanced solutions for wooden frames and staircases.

The panels and three-layer beams that form the basis for the construction of semi-ready products are noted for their excellent quality and durability. They are processed under strict quality control procedures at each stage of production. They stand out for their high mechanical strength, stability, uniformity and low humidity content (10-12%).

Apart from semi-ready products of excellent quality, interSCALA also offers complete technological proposals that are simply ideal for professional carpenters. In addition interSCALA's technical department can come up with a number of construction proposals suitable for the area of interest.

Having clearly defined the design of the staircase, the professional carpenter receives a package with the staircase components, formulated with precision, ready for assembly and perfectly tailored to the area they are to be fitted in. The finishing and assembly is undertaken by the carpenter, who no longer has to worry about the connections and dimensions of the staircase, or intervene with additional cutting or soldering work.

In the area of wooden frames, interSCALA offers a range of processed three-layer profiles and accessories with which the carpenter will be able to construct German technology superior frames without additional machinery and equipment.

Some more important advantages of these frames are their cost, which is lower than that of conventional ones and the minimised time required for their construction. The above characteristics leave large profit margins to carpenters while they fully satisfy the customer.