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The technical department of interSCALA, well trained in technical and design matters, is responsible for meeting the quality standards.

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Drying of wood is considered as one of the most important conditions for the realization of a timeless construction. Today thanks to the technology we have (special vacuum vacuum chambers), we guarantee the complete neutralization and de-molding of the wood.

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The ready-to-use warehouse helps the interSCALA production to be flexible and even in times of high demand to offer satisfactory delivery times for custom-made products.

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The technology of the trowel combined with the joining of window frames and paneled glass pavers allows the construction to function properly for many decades.

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At the final stage of the production process, in painting, it is very important to pre-treat the layers of paint or varnish to fall on a smooth and elastic basis. This helps the surface maintain its consistency for a long time.

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Experienced craftsmen, they apply European mechanisms of high requirements in glazing and shutters.

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In every phrase / section (drying, cross cutting, digging, ironing, glazing, painting) QUALITY CHECK SECTION. This saves valuable time and guarantees high quality products.

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Prior to the packing, the proper operation check is carried out on a specially constructed machine that holds the frame to create building conditions. At this stage is the final adjustment.

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For the safe transport of products, great care is needed in packing the products. The products are placed in the warehouse ready for delivery.

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Packaged ready-to-deliver products are loaded onto interSCALA trucks and transported directly to the building without intermediate stops and transhipments.

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The certified quality is completed with the impeccable placement by a guaranteed crew interSCALA.

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Carefully trained staff come to your place to complete the placement of the products you have chosen.