A carpenter’s workshop begins trading in all sorts of custom-made woodwork. Location: Katerini’s ring road.


Internal staircases made of wood seems an attractive business idea/challenge at the time. With a lot of personal effort and care, it takes shape and becomes the early workshop’s main offering.


First step to growth: Participation in the 1989 Infacoma trade fair and coming up with interSCALAas the firm’s name.


First outlet in the city of Salonika (Themistokli Sofouli street).


German-technology windows insulated against heat loss and noise are now seen as a necessity in the Greek market, naturally leading to the velko spin-off. The clientele includes both retail customers and large building contractors.


Wooden furniture, pergolas, lighting and other garden design elements test the waters for the first time at the 1992 FURNIDEC trade fair.


Participation in the 1993 Saudi build trade fair. At the end of the same year, interSCALA opens new premises in Riyadh. The drive for international expansion continues with new points of sale in Sofia (Bulgaria) and Tjumen (Siberia). Products exported to individual clients all over Europe.


interSCALA plc set up to address the new challenges posed by growth. The company is headquartered in the Sindos Industrial Zone of Salonika, on a 5000 sq.m. lot. In a fully equipped industrial complex, interSCALA manufactures all the products for the interSCALA VELKO FLOOR brands available on the market.


The know-how developed so far pays off as a new department is created specifically to produce stair panels, kitchen worktops, tables etc. and triple-glued beams used to make door frames. The state-of-the-art vacuum chambers used for drying wood, complemented by high-precision cutting machines and presses for special applications, together with timber imported from select foreign suppliers, are all demonstrable evidence of infrastructure that achieves high quality competitively priced.


A new interSCALA division begins production of semi-finished door frames and staircases, a revolutionary product targeting the intelligent carpenter who can now purchase semi-finished materials covered by the quality guarantee and assurance of a big factory.


The Thessaloniki outlet undergoes renovation to become the central showroom where the entire product range of the company is on show, also catering for business customers.


New modern materials such as stainless steel and glass are added to the interSCALA array of offerings, worked expertly to bring to life highly stylish solutions suitable for contemporary spaces.


A new outlet starts trading from premises on 98, Kifissias avenue, in the Maroussi area of Athens.


Building of a new production facility totalling 6000 sq.m. on wholly owned land in the Thessaloniki Industrial Zone progresses at a fast pace.


The point-of-sale network is strengthened by the addition of a new showroom in Patras (52-54, Panepistimiou Street), reaching out to the Peloponnese and Ionian Islands.


interSCALA participates in the Bologna, Italy, SAIE DUE trade fair for the first time. In the years that follow, the company targets the Italian market with 7 new outlets. Also their products will be at Albania, Austria, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malta, Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic.


The relentless pace of growth implies a requirement to expand. A 6000 sq.m. lot opposite the existing production facility is bought and becomes the new building site.


interSCALA expands its market offering with internal and external flooring under the interSCALA Floor brand.


New outlets in the cities of Alexandroupolis, Xanthi, Larissa and Ioannina enable a wider customer reach.


A third facility is added to the company’s production base in Thessaloniki’s Industrial Zone which completed by the new building and it is used for storage of raw materials and semi-finished cross sections destined for manufacturing.


As a result of the rise in demand for the company’s flooring products, a new showroom opens in Athens exclusively for wooden flooring.


The increase in the range of our products created the need for a new store (1000 s.m.) in the city’s central gate, from the airport. The new store, which is situated at 133 Ethnikis Antistaseos Street, will operate as the company’s central exposition store.


Creation of the MATELEN sawmill.

The company in order to ensure the high quality of its raw material, buys a wood mill in Gevgeli. There, it imports logs from various parts of the world and produces the timber needed for the production.


For our customers’ best service in Athens, a new store is created in the southern suburbs, in the region of Alimos, along Poseidonos Avenue. There, you can learn about all our company’s products.


The production needs for high quality timber, combined with market pressure for competitive prices, led the company to create a new plant in Gevgelija. So now the company has vertically to produce and simultaneously have full control over the quality of raw material. The new plant produces sawn timber, semi-finished wood products, and staircases, window frames and floors for the local market. The company also participating in eco-modern approach, using all production residues producing pellets.


New production line pellets

By 2009 the company produces pellets utilizing the remnants of its production.

By increasing the production of semi-finished wood for the Chinese market, production residue multiplied while increasing the demand for pellets.

So INTERSCALA moves to new investment in buildings located adjacent to the existing unit at Gevgeli while progressing and market new automatic production line pellets.

The new line produces pellets fivefold quantity of top quality and works 24 hours a day trying to meet the ever growing demand.


New store in Thessaloniki

Μάιος 2013

The company adapts to market conditions created by the crisis of the last four years and proceeds to transfer the store in Thessaloniki at G. Papandreou 96 (former Flower).

The new store is located on the busiest shopping street in the city to buy building materials, with very easy access and parking space for customers.

Exhibits the full range of products INTERSCALA and supported by experienced engineers of the company is ready to provide solutions to customer needs.


In 2015 Matelen enters the world of thermowood production.

Thermowood is thermally modified wood that results in inactivation. After the process, beech is upgraded from class 5 to class 1, having the same strength with Burmese teak. It can be used for outdoor flooring, exterior wall coverings as well as for exterior doors.


The creation of iHouse.

The new iHouse line involves the study, design and construction of wooden apartments and houses, with specific floor plans. iHouse undertakes constructions and renovations, inside and outside of houses, having solid wood as the basic material.   The services offered by iHouse are divided into three main categories, which are: -Transportable & Premanufactured Wooden Ecological House -Construction of Residence by order, -Interior Apartment Renovation. The result is unique and special, because it is based on the technical specifications of iHouse and the specific wishes of each customer.


The creation of iTem Unique.

interSCALA enters the market of household objects made of wood, through its new production line with the name «iTem Unique». Every design, every piece of this line is carefully designed to meet the highest demands. The final stage of the production process of these products is made by hand and this is the reason why each piece of the line is unique.