A Brief Description of iTem unique

1/7/2016 11:06:52 πμ

«iTem unique» is a line of useful objects based on wood. This line includes objects which can be used in homes, workplaces such as offices, factories, etc., as well as equipment and furnishing products. Each design is made with passion and is unique. Therefore every single piece of iTem unique reflects the particular technique that was used for its construction. iTem unique’s product list contains a large variety of wooden plates and platters designed and carved by hand, which can carry the customer's logo. Another category of iTem unique products are the beautiful and well designed, wooden benches and stools. This category includes several designs, made with wood. For their production, different kinds of wood have been used for their construction and the benches are manufactured in different sizes, based on the customer's wishes. The stools are of particular interest, because each design is unique and modern. The hotel equipment list includes products such as: blocks, plates, bases for bowls, shelves, etc., which when combined with each other can cover every need for a full presentation of a buffet. The wooden decorative interior wall coverings is also a new production line of iTem unique. Based on the synthesis of various solid wood pieces in standard colors and dimensions. The result is unique, because the iridescence woodchips draws all eyes. For the pool or the hotel’s beach, iTem unique offers a outdoor shower made of teak wood and stainless steel. We are very optimistic that in the future we will add more product categories to the new production line of iTem unique!