Infacoma at Thessaloniki International Fair


The most long-lasting fair in building and constructions sector, Infacoma, organized a very interesting and captivating event, with its main theme being "a house with minimum energy requirements".

The Interscala participates with the following activities:

-Manufacturing the wooden stools and benches for stand No13, which hosted the event

-Undertook to construction of the wooden parts of the eco-house with the new material, Thermowood that is a highly resistant typr of wood in outdoors conditions

-The factory's production manager, Mr. Angel Christoforidis, Civil Engineer, graduate of AUTH, made the briefing speech fpr the visitors and engineers at the event. The speech was held on 02/13/2016 and its theme was "thermowood and energy efficiency of buildings".

There was a lot of interest and questions coming from the public, during the speech and later on.