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The know-how and technology developed by interSCALA during all its successful years so far would not be of any value if it were not for the range of customer services before and after the sale.

InterSCALA salespeople are also very experienced technicians. In order to compose and present a customer offer, they will visit and inspect the relevant setting, and listen to how the customer describes what he/she visualises.

The search for design solutions and recommendations is always carried out collaboratively between interSCALA's salesperson-engineer and the customer (or his/her appointed decorator). InterSCALA's expert salesperson acts as a consultant, relying on past experience to come up with the optimal result.

This search for the optimal solution is aided by the vast variety of materials and by the open architecture that characterises the company's products. Metal, timber and glass combine to create effects limited only by imagination.

The project study is concluded by a team of specialists who will assess each order separately for aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics.

High quality of manufacturing is guaranteed by the application of strict quality controls at each production phase, adhering faithfully to a Quality System certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Lastly, the installation crews will pleasantly surprise you with work that's orderly, clean and respectful of place and circumstance.

What has been mentioned so far is done to ensure that the final product stands out both for its uniqueness and quality, and for embodying the customer's personal preferences and choices.

The customer himself/herself contributes to interSCALA's drive for constant service improvement. After the work is finished, the customer is asked to assess the company's overall image and his/her degree of satisfaction with the company's products and services. He/she is also asked to make his own suggestions - and to us they are valuable material for improving.

Naturally, our service does not end with a product's delivery and installation. Over and above the guarantee that covers all products, interSCALA's staff are always available and will happily offer to help, should any problem arise, irrespective of nature or cause.
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