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InterSCALA's manufacturing department, possessing full design and technical training, is responsible for upholding quality standards.   We consider timber drying to be one of the most important prerequisites for assuring product longevity. The modern technology we own (vacuum chambers for the pressure treatment of timber) guarantees that timber is fully neutralised and protected against fungal attack (rot).   Our stock of ready-made cross sections adds flexibility to interSCALA's manufacturing and allows satisfactory order delivery times even when demand is running very high.
The triple-glued laminate technology, as well as jointing together of frames and window panes, adds many decades of fault-free operation to the product's lifespan.   Expert technicians install European-type high-performance mechanisms to window panes and shutters.
  During finishing, the final manufacturing stage, full attention is given to preparation, to ensure that dye or varnish layers will be applied onto a smooth, elastic base. This helps the treated surface maintain its strength for much longer.
At each stage and business unit (drying, cross section cutting, working the timber, ironing, window panes, finishing), quality controls targeted to that stage are applied. This saves valuable time and guarantees high quality products.   Prior to packaging, we test door frames for correct operation. Special machinery holds the door frame steady, simulating real operation conditions (ie in a real building), in order to fine-tune it.   Great care is taken when packaging products, to eliminate damage during transport. Products are placed in the storage area ready for delivery.
Ready-to-deliver packaged products are loaded onto interSCALA lorries and transported straight to the building site, without stop-overs or change of transporter.   Fully trained installation crews will visit your site to complete the installation of the products you have selected.   Certified quality is rounded off with flawless installation by trained interSCALA staff.
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